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This case who's horny smartphone that is that the flagship smartphone back a supply that was only in the near past launched and this starts at around thirty two,000 and that i are truly testing this metal slightly over period currently therefore I'll share my opinion I'll tan divide this review between professionals and cons what I actually likeable regarding this and one in every of the items actually I failed to like about it there's a large list guys so let's get on with this however before that here are the short specs for the difficulty half-dozenz and are available to the 6.4 in. IPS LCD screen it sparked by the Qualcomm flagship flower 850 fireplace therefore see if it comes with the audrina 640 GPU it comes in six or eight gigabytes of RAM and has that distinctive twin flip camera and a 5 thousand milli amp hour battery.

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So let's get on with the review and let's initial cite the professionals what do i prefer about the device and first let's talk about the computer program as a result of in earlier Asus devices the user interface wasn't the simplest numb those user interfaces are most on the brink of stock mechanical man they decision it the new UI and actually it's virtually like stock mechanical man and if you even head to the left you see the Google pane so that they didn't try and customise and do something fancy thereupon so it's very close to stock mechanical man that you just are becoming it is almost thought you'd say and it even has digital well being and what does one say options that you would really like and also as it's very close to stop it's very in no time and fluid in my period of testing and ne'er two-faced any problems with black enos or noise enos on this device Again that flower 850 fireplace so confer heads currently let's talk about the build quality here also I felt that the build quality was specialized the instant you decide up the phone you are feeling that the build quality was really good and Asus failed to do any compromise in fact that entire outer chase's is created from actually Al and it feels in this so it appears like a very premium designed phone.

Now let's cite the screen exchange that Asus did provide Associate in Nursing AMOLED screen however they went with the IPS LCD screen and that i would say the IPS LCD screen that's a six purpose four in. of phone HD and screen is really a really good quality screen the colours are literally very correct on this one and it's conjointly HD art compatible so in terms of screen quality i'd say the screen quality is actually good but it's not an AMOLED screen and a few of you were asking me about even the brightness on this the luminosity is nice on the screen actually if you retain it on automobile brightness and even enter outside scenario it ramps up simply and it's easily actually visible in direct daylight but the factor they need detected is that if you directly head to this outdoor sunlight it takes about 3 or four seconds for it to react but afterward it's easily visible even in direct sunlight in fact in terms of brightness it's 600 nets currently another tiny thing is that once more these flagship phones all have all sensors and stuff and this also has everything that you just expect.

But i prefer the actual fact that automobile brightness standardization has been done ran on this within the past we have a tendency tieks|fortnight|time period|period of time|period} I failed to have to be compelled to manually fiddle a great deal with the out an auto brightness detector another small factor that i actually appreciate on this phone is that this phone still includes a physical light-emitting diode notification lightweight it's a small light that glows up here it glows in 2 colours therefore I mean i prefer the fact it's that physical LED notification light once more as i discussed the UI is nearly speak so again no problems with any lag enos or something and in even in terms of store management the ROM management was done o.k. 

I felt any apps were obtaining shoed out unnecessarily and memory resident apps that must be in memory were there therefore the RAM management conjointly has been that truly rather well on this device there's also another special key on this one the Asus likes to decision it the good key actually all the keys are literally on the correct facet of the phone on the left side we don't have any keys and also the smart key don't it's slightly on the highest i'd say by and by default if you press it once it goes to Google assistant however you'll be able to customise it I actually have actually customize it and you've got choices of single faucet double tap and hold it for a protracted time so you can do 3 totally different tasks thereupon and it'll actually permits you to really customize.

What you wish actually I did it for instance if you faucet one instead of launch the Google assistant it'll actually my what's happening for the day why the Google assistant and if I simply doubled up I actually have set it to what does one say this is often referred to as the torch therefore this is terribly convenient double tap flat and switches on and off and once more as I pay a great deal of your time in recording and stuff if I hold it for a moment it toggles the don't Disturb on and off and again you'll be able to customise all the choices that you just would like so that's conjointly convenient computer keyboard again I realize it that's slightly on the highest that good key currently alittle factor that I've detected on this phone and different flagships do not have this feature is that they need FM radio practicality on this phone.

And conjointly in terms of the American state card it's actually a triple slot so you'll be able to place 2 nano Sims and an infatuated small SD card on this smartphone also moving to the battery this is often an enormous factor on this smartphone it involves the mass of 5 thousand milli amp hour battery that we tend to haven't seen on the other flagship which really delivers in terms of performance in terms of battery life i used to be invariably victimization this phone with two sims that's my it tells him that is a cell and Gio that was my second reason and also it supports twin volte so i used to be using it didn't yield volte mode and also the battery life i used to be athletics was simply regarding one and a 0.5 to virtually two days therefore the battery life is basically smart even an important use it.

For example simply 2 days past I had to travel in Old Delhi and that i had to awaken at five o'clock within the morning as a result of those early flight at finish of the day in Delhi it had been at regarding eleven o'clock in the dead of night it still had about forty eight p.c battery life therefore in terms of battery life it's specialized i'd say simply lasts about one Associate in Nursing a 0.5 and if you just use it with one sim it'd last you for nearly two days conjointly progressing to charging it comes with an eighteen watt Qualcomm fast charge for that's in the box affirmative it's not as quick as a number of the opposite charges however thanks to that 5 thousand milliamp hour battery in my twelve days of testings ne'er in a very particular day in the middle of the day had to plug it to a charge currently I'm moving to a different tiny factor that i actually appreciate is that a suits retain the three.5 metric linear unit phone jack on this one and also the audio output that we tend to get from the headphone jack is really specialized I take a look at rated with my vendor 110 one hundred eighty that may be a budget homeward-bound headphones the output was nice I even tested with Audio Technica headphones and the output was great.

In fact it had been also bundled your phone within the box and also the quality of that one was also specialized and you furthermore may have some package choices wherever you'll be able to regulate the sound to your feeling and actually that also you can actually set the soundstage however you'd like so in terms of sound output from the phone jack it was actually really really good it also has stereo speakers like we tend to are seeing on most of the new flagship smartphone so you continue to you've got a stereo speaker therefore the main speaker is here at all-time low and the gear piece also acts as a speaker after you are enjoying back youtube videos.

Video Content now another factor is that this is often a wise phone therefore the network reception is additionally a really necessary half and here I actually have to mention that I'm happy that the network reception is really on top of average on this smartphone if you guys are following my review you recognize that during this space this is soundproof area it will signal is extremely low and with several phones the calls get cut with a temporary worker however on this mode a phone i used to be ready to take calls even during this room therefore the network reception is really on top of average on this phone and with Gio I didn't have any it shows even after I was traveling to Old Delhi ...

I don't have any problems in terms of network reception conjointly in terms of daily usage I ne'er felt any heating issues with this phone before very fluently and also for gambling run all the games you throw thereon with none issues attributable to the Adreno 640 GPU that this one has currently let's cite the camera.

Which is that the biggest trick on this phone as you'll be able to see it's a full read show therefore we tend to don't have any front-facing camera actually if you investigate the rear after you have 2 cameras one may be a forty eight megapixel and also the second camera is a thirteen megapixel camera lens and affirmative it's sort of a back camera however when you start the camera and when you move to the front switch on the front-facing camera it's a Mechanical and the front camera actually flips which actually becomes the front-facing camera on this one and plenty of of you've got asked me regarding the sturdiness of this i'm simply abusing it you can use the degree rocker actually to maneuver this to any angle you wish the camera about although such as you might need
kids which may prefer to simply hold it like and move it like this you'll be able to try this and zip can happen.

So however one thing to note that affirmative it will create a bit little bit of sound for instance let me bring this close to the mike and I'm gonna flip the camera as you'll be able to see does make that slight mechanical noise once it's moving as a result of it's guests currently let's cite the camera performance so here are a number of the sample shots that I actually have enamored this one and as you can see the shots that we came outside conditions and in good lighting conditions the camera performance was superb the images came out very sharp because it's a forty eight megapixel therefore ny detector that we are seeing {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a really} lot of different phones and this is often a very good sensor so for sure the shots that we got have a great deal of be paid but once we move in slightly indoor conditions it had been fine as you can see but when the lighting goes low and indoor conditions I felt that the pictures were slightly soft and even the white balance was up slightly if he hopefully they'll improve it with this package update and also the neatest thing.

The rear facing camera is itself the front facing camera even the front facing camera performance was nice it's that very same forty eight megapixel front-facing camera {that you|that you simply|that you simply} are becoming so for selfies you get one in every of the simplest selfies on this smartphone and here are a number of the videos that I shot with this is often due 6z so guys shooting this video with the front-facing camera of this so6 Z and as you'll be able to see this is in my roof gun and I'm just walking around to allow you an inspiration however will it work and this is within the regular mode actually we are able to also shoot the video in wide angle Road I'll offer you an idea however this is the regular mode and as you can see I'm just walking around and appears just like the electronic stabilization is doing its job and also the audio is additionally being needed why it's internal mike shooting once more with the front-facing camera.

 currently may be the camera lens and as you'll be able to see guys I'm simply traveling once more you can record up to 4k on this one and I'm just moving around to allow you an inspiration however is that the recording i feel this wide-angle lens can be a good possibility for vloggers however as you can get a great deal with this one therefore this was a really fast Sample AHA but the front-facing camera technically it's conjointly the rear facing camera anyways the video recording but this is a man-made lighting conditions and a 0.5 captured again to the wide-angle lens just within and as you can see guys I'm just walking around so it's just like the electronic stabilization is doing Its job even in artificial lighting conditions with the video so guys these were the items that i prefer with this smartphone and again guys affirmative it also includes a physical fingerprint scanner here on the rear and it's very very responsive very quick and works virtually when it also has that face unlocking option is enabled what I felt attributable to that flip camera it takes almost half a second if you're progressing to use the what's a face I'm walking so I in person was just victimization this one with the fingerprint scanner .

So currently let's move to the con section what are {the factors|the items} that I failed to like with this smartphone and once more there's an enormous list that I actually have the primary thing as I've mentioned the build quality is solid on this phone feels terribly very premium o.k. designed the front glass is pongid Glass half-dozen and are victimization it while not the screen defender or any case and when a pair of weeks conjointly I didn't get any scratches or something so in this side.

It's specialized however one thing I detected is that a minimum of on my unit the the facility on/off button is taciturnly bobbly that 0.5 notice in order that are a few things that I simply notice and that i thought to share it with you furthermore may this phone doesn't have optical image stabilization so if it'd have optical image stabilisation I felt that in what you say troublesome lighting conditions it would have done slightly higher but this is often not gift but fortuitously we've ikon stabilization as you saw in video the video is extremely stable currently another thing is that different smartphones during this worth vary are returning with the AMOLED screen but we tend to don't have AMOLED screen on this one and raise problems officers regarding it as a result of i used to be in Old Delhi and that they aforesaid that they needed to the touch {a certain|a halficular|an exact|a precise|a definite|an explicit} price purpose they didn't need to exceed a certain price point and actually they said that this flip camera that what they need is really created from liquid metal and this is a really pricey part and if they'd have gone with the AMOLED screen.

The price would have magnified more in order that's the reason that they need came however once more nonetheless this is often a decent IPS screen and it also supports HD air and it's also terribly color correct also one thing that I've detected is that I simply has that large PI thousand milliamp hour battery it charges the primary sixty fifth extremely quickly just inside an hour some but I mean if you're charging it fully from zero to about 100 percent it'll take you slightly on top of to United States of America about 2 us quarter-hour so that are a few things that you just have to be compelled to understand somehow you've got mentioned relating to the flip camera affirmative it will create that mechanical noise as you'll be able to see I'm progressing to retract it i'm in person not irritated by it but whenever it flicks up it does make that sound so that is additionally something that you have to pay.

But in terms of sturdiness as I've told you prefer I'm simply moving it like this within the hand I've closed it manually conjointly like this and it works OH it's truly pretty lovely it's created from actually liquid metal currently moving to the stereo speakers also technically affirmative these are steel speakers that we've and they're ok also in terms of loudness they are going for fairly loud i'd say that's not a haul a bit like the one and seven however one factor that I found is that in terms of depth these stereo speakers don't have that abundant depth that's an equivalent problem that I detected even with the one category seven so if you compare the stereo speakers with establish flagships just like the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus or the iPhone they need a great deal a lot of depth during this tedious as a result of these merely do not have that now I'm progressing to another thing is that camera as i discussed in low lighting things can become a bit bit soft in order that is one thing hopefully they'll improve it with an update.

And very last thing that I actually have detected on this one is relating to the electro-acoustic transducer don't get Pine Tree State wrong what I've noticed is that by taking voice calls the voice tone may be a little on the shriller facet that tone and that i mentioned regarding this to Asus officers and that they aforesaid that for the Republic of Indian units they need done that by design with the package they created it a rather higher pitch however I candidly feel that's not a decent thing as a result of all the calls that i used to be taking felt a bit bit unnatural with their they told that they give the impression of being at it and with the therefore software update they could revert that's OH but anyways that's what I have noticed so in terms of your piece i'd say i'd not rated terribly high i'd rate it seven out of 10 as of currently so it's sold  in India for about thirty two, it starts at thirty two, for the half-dozen GB store million that comes with sixty four gb of storage there's conjointly a what does one need twenty eight G storage however I candidly feel as a result of as this includes a triple slot an infatuated small American state card slot you'll be able to depart with the 64 GB variant because micro SD cards are the lowest as of currently and that we even have another variant that because the 8 gigabyte RAM variant that comes with 256 gigabytes of storage.

And I feel the evaluation of that one isn't that smart that's priced at regarding thirty-nine,000 they ought to are aggressive thereupon and model to summarize i'd say this is often a really sensible phone as a result of in flagships we discover that a great deal of options that we tend to as customers like are missing for instance it's that massive 5 thousand milliamp hour battery therefore even for terribly serious user may be a very sensible for i actually just like the reality they need unbroken the three.5 metric linear unit phone jack {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} audio output is really specialized on this one and also it's that dedicated American state card slot so you're not forced to shop for or what does one say the upper capability variant and that i just like the incontrovertible fact that they need enclosed the FM radio as a result of in metros the FM radio is nice.

But I'm still shocked most of the flagships omit that and that i just like the incontrovertible fact that it's a physical light-emitting diode notification lightweight and for vloggers and other people UN agency are into selfies i'd say as of currently this is often the simplest work smartphone as a result of the rear facing camera is that the same for the selfies that's that forty eight megapixel camera that you just are becoming therefore if you're a vlogger and stuff it's nice and also the smart factor is that in video you'll be able to even use the camera lens to induce that wider side for the video the cons are that no optical image stabilization and hopefully with the package update they'll improve the what's the image quality slightly because as of now once the lighting falls significantly the images get a bit bit soft.

So guys this was my full review of the Asus 6c what does one guys have confidence this device do let Pine Tree State understand within the comment section below Associate in Nursing guys affirmative I fully forgot I had secure you guys that I'll be posting an list video on this issue horny that video are supported all of your queries therefore yes i'll be posting that video someday next week guys after I get time so once more if you've got the other specific questions about this issue 6e do post your questions in the comment section below and I'll try and embody the foremost necessary ones in the

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